Emergency Dentistry

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At Artistic Smiles, dedicated dentist John Abajian, DDS, and his experienced team understand how stressful it is to need emergency dental care. That’s why they offer immediate care when you have a dental emergency like serious tooth pain. If you need relief now, call the Agoura Hills, California, office for emergency dentistry services from the area’s top providers.

Emergency Dentistry Q & A

What does an emergency dentistry provider do?

As your emergency dentistry provider, Dr. Abajian handles any kind of dental or oral damage or injury requiring prompt attention. 

In general, emergency dentistry focuses on getting you out of pain, diagnosing the problem, and preserving your teeth and gums. Coming in to the Artistic Smiles office promptly when you're hurt can help you save a tooth that you might otherwise lose. 

When should I seek emergency dentistry?

If you're experiencing any sudden dental or oral problems, contact Artistic Smiles right away. Some of the many dental emergencies that Dr. Abajian handles include:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Loose adult tooth
  • Severe bleeding within your mouth
  • Mouth or jaw swelling
  • Torn gums

In general, if you’re having a problem that can’t wait for an appointment, it can be a dental emergency. 

What should I do with a loose or knocked-out tooth?

If your adult tooth is loose but not detached, don't manipulate it with your fingers or tongue. Keep your mouth closed as much as possible to avoid fully dislodging it before you get to Artistic Smiles. 

If your tooth is completely detached, rinse the tooth without touching the roots. Then, if possible, place it in the socket. Otherwise, put the tooth in a glass of milk and bring it when you come to the office. If you act quickly, Dr. Abajian may be able to reimplant it. 

What is emergency dentistry care like?

When you arrive at Artistic Smiles, the first order of business is an exam. Often, this includes digital X-rays so Dr. Abajian can evaluate damage below your gums or in the jaw. If you’re hurting, Dr. Abajian can administer and prescribe pain medication right away. 

Dr. Abajian recommends the optimal treatment for your dental emergency and then helps you get the care you need. Artistic Smiles has an in-house root canal specialist who can expertly save your tooth if you’re in severe pain due to tooth infection or inflammation. 

Many people call tooth pain the worst pain they experience. If you’re suffering, don’t wait for compassionate expert dental care. Call Artistic Smiles or arrange your dental care appointment online.