Would you like to have a faster, more comfortable dental appointment? If your answer is yes, we recommend trying laser dentistry in Agoura Hills, California.

Dr. John Abajian believes in making use of the latest innovations in dentistry, including lasers. Laser dentistry can include treating soft tissue problems such as periodontal disease, or addressing cold or canker sores. Our skilled dentist can also improve the shape, appearance and health of your gumline using lasers, while also removing tooth decay. Other benefits of using lasers includes utilizing the technology when hardening fillings and whitening teeth.

Dr. Abajian uses lasers to enhance improve your visit with us. By using lasers, our dentist can minimize your recovery time for some treatments and decrease your chances of an infection. Using lasers allows Dr. Abajian to be more precise in treating your smile, and reducing the amount of bleeding during certain treatments.

If you are interested in taking your dental care to the next level, schedule your appointment at Artistic Smiles. Our dentist will be happy to meet with you and tell you about how laser dentistry can improve your oral health, and make your visit to our office more convenient and pleasant. Call 818-991-2626 today and our team will help you plan your visit.