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The Role of a Children’s Dentist

MAR 30

Why is a Children's Dentist So Important?

There are many individuals that have developed a fear of going to the dentist, often because of painful treatment in the past, or hating the drilling sound of the dental equipment. It is fairly frequent that a person's first visit to the children's dentist occurred when one experienced a toothache that, by itself, was painful. This was then accompanied by having to get a shot, as well as hearing the drilling equipment for the very first time. When you consider this along wit
h the fact that it can be very difficult for young kids to sit still for long time periods, to maintain their mouths open for a long time, and also to bear the awful taste of some of the products utilized by dentists, it becomes quite clear just how easily one can be too scared to return again.

It's for all of these reasons that kids are highly recommended to be taken to our children’s dentist in Agoura Hills as soon as their first tooth appears. The appointment may very well be brief, and treatment may not even be necessary, strengthening the likeliness that your child won't be frightened in any way during their very first dentist appointment.

A good tip in this regard is to select a dentist who specializes in children, or at least one who's comfortably experienced in treating all members of the family. Our dentists in Agoura Hills CA have fun distractions and attractions in their office to help amuse infants and kids, encouraging the possibility that they'll associate a trip to the dentist with having fun, as opposed to being an unpleasant place to visit. It is also worth noting the significance of parents keeping in mind not to show any signs of apprehension or to be frightened for the child, as such negative emotions can be transferred very easily.

When Should You Start?

You should take your young ones to a children's dentist every 6 months for an exam, exactly like adults, to make sure that the teeth are forming and aligning as they should. Very few kids actually have dental problems at a young age, therefore this routine check-up will help bring on emotions of pleasure and calmness for the child, paving the way for what is to be experienced during each visit. This greatly increases the chances of ensuring that there will be no fear in adult life. As your child grows a little older, the Agoura Hills dentist might recommend fluoride solutions to strengthen the tooth and promote healthy development throughout the remaining adolescent years.

What is Fluoride Treatment?

This isn't a painful treatment. As the fluoride gel is put in special trays that are then inserted into the child’s mouth, gel comes in contact with all the surfaces of their teeth. Throughout your kid's growth period, the dentist will continue to check for any abnormalities in their bite to make sure that the teeth erupt in the direction that they should. If they don't, problems with chewing or speech can sometimes occur. The gingiva and tooth will also always be examined to ensure effective treatment for gingival disease and cavities in Agoura Hills. If either of those two conditions are found, they'll be at their earliest phases, therefore making sure that the treatment will be minimal and won't cause too much pain. This, again, will enforce the child’s belief that a visit to the dentist is nothing to be scared about.

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