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The Rise of Clear Braces in Orthodontics

AUG 08

The Benefits of Clear Braces

The advantages of clear braces became evident as a growing number of adult patients started to pursue a straight smile. Adults were able to improve the appearance and function of their smile without attaching the stigma of a metallic mouth. These brand-new aligners may be removed for eating foods and dental hygiene from home, then they can be put right back into the mouth to continue teeth movement. 

The outcome of this process is two fold:

First, patients accumulate confidence in their teeth, which look aesthetically much better. Second, dental health can be greatly improved via properly aligned teeth. Straighter teeth are far more healthy in both shape and functionality. Bacteria, plaque, and affected food particles are the contributing factors to tooth decay and gum disease. Teeth which are in alignment collect less plaque because they're easier to clean with good brushing and flossing methods. The gingiva fit the teeth more closely when the tooth don't overlap, resulting in a decrease in the risk of periodontal disease.

  • Periodontal disease can contribute to other systemic diseases. So, straighter teeth not only contribute to a more healthy mouth, but can contribute to an entirely healthier body.
  • Another advantage of clear braces in Agoura Hills are a reduction in the traumatic friction which could result from teeth that don't fit together properly.
  • Teeth are like gears in a machine: If the gears don't align properly, they'll wear at an improper rate, leading to a breakdown of the car.
  • Teeth can chip, break, or wear at the gumline. Using clear braces to align adult’s teeth can prevent patients from the need to invest a significant amouns of cash in restorations.
  • Properly aligned teeth may also decrease the stress put on the jaw joint. Cluttered, misaligned teeth put unnatural stress on the jaw.

The ultimate objective of dental care providers is to retain each patient's healthiest smile for life. The advantages of clear braces extend far beyond a pretty smile. Clear braces in Agoura Hills offer a chance to straighten teeth while raising the patient's level of confidence in day-to-day life. Even though not every patient is a candidate for clear braces, these products do provide a huge percentage of people with improved oral health. As orthodontic techniques improve and new businesses emerge, dental professionals will continue to learn about aligning teeth, which gives all of us a real reason to smile!

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