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The Purpose of A Dental Crown

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Why Would Someone Need A Dental Crown?

There are various reasons why one may need a dental crown to restore a damaged tooth. Below, our dentist in Agoura Hills shares a couple of the most common motives:

  1. Root canal treatment - A root canal treatment hollows out your tooth, leaving the remaining materials predisposed to further splitting. For that reason, a tooth that has a root channel must be repaired employing a dental crown to prevent it from becoming fractured.
  2. Big tooth filling - this will be covered by a dental crown in Agoura Hills if the tooth has a recess or a break which included 50% of the width of the tooth or more. The remaining tooth around the large filling might easily fracture, hence a crown restoration is substantial.
  3. Cracked tooth - This happens from breaks in the tooth, which becomes painful when the patient is chewing food. The pressure from mastication is like the tooth splitting aside, and a dental crown on this kind of tooth helps in eliminating the pain by distributing the pressure evenly.
  4. Excessively worn tooth - a tooth becomes shorter with time, which could result from grinding or clenching by a patient constantly. Acid erosion due to an acidic diet, acid reflux disorder, or bulimia may also lead to tooth wearing away with time. There are events when the enamel is completely worn away, leaving teeth which are much softer. With time, the only modification is to increase it’s durability with dental crowns in Agoura Hills.
  5. Broken cusp - A number of dental injuries in Agoura Hills, CA might lead to teeth breaking away from the cusps. They must be completely covered with a dental crown, as they take the most strain during mastication, whereas normally they're going to continue to fracture. Where restoration of space from the missing tooth is required, crowns may also be put on dental implants. These can be also used to secure a loose tooth by creating dental crowns which are set on multiple teeth splinted together.

Reach Out to Your Dentist in Agoura Hills About Root Canal therapy

If you believe that you could benefit from dental crowns in Agoura Hills, we would love to help. This amazing treatment provides many people the chance to save their tooth from complete loss, along with providing the protection needed to prolong your smile for years to come. Give us a call today!

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