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What is Sedation Dentistry?

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Artistic Smiles
What is Sedation Dentistry?The advent of sedation dentistry started about thirty years ago. While at one time, the mantra was 'Suck it up Buttercup' with regard to patients having to deal with pain and discomfort for cleanings and examinations, that has changed. Not so long ago, sedation was only considered for surgical procedures. Now, however, the mindset has shifted to patient comfort. The realization was with just a mild dose of sedation, those patients who had a great deal of anxiety over having their teeth cleaned and examined, could relax during the entire procedure. This made it easier for staff to perform the cleaning and on the patient who wasn't a bundle of nerves during the entire thing.

There are different levels of sedation that include mild sedation, moderate sedation, and heavy sedation. The goal of sedation dentistry is to find the minimal amount of sedation for the maximum comfort level for patients.

For most dental surgery or cleanings, mild sedation is enough to make the patient comfortable during the procedure. This is used for fillings, crown placement, and veneers. Patients under this type of sedation are completely aware of their surroundings.

Moderate sedation is what is used for tooth extraction and dental implants. At this level of sedation, patients are typically groggy and many times don't remember the procedure happening. Despite this, they are still able to communicate and answer questions.

Under heavy sedation, patients are knocked out entirely and are unable to communicate with office staff. This level of sedation is incredibly rare due to the potential risks associated with it.

In Conclusion

When you are getting ready for a surgical procedure, it's important to get details regarding the level of sedation required. Will you need a ride home because the sedation meds are still in your system following the procedure? Will I be groggy for the remainder of the day? All of these are important considerations.
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