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Is It Time To Uproot Your Wisdom Teeth?

JUL 05


When Should You Get Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Having impacted wisdom teeth removed by our skilled dentist in Agoura Hills will definitely benefit the appearance of your smile, as well as your oral health, but your entire body can greatly benefit from the procedure as well. Therefore, it's recommended that an oral surgeon evaluates patients who still have their wisdom teeth to see if a tooth extraction is needed. Impacted wisdom teeth are associated with a number of risks, including other infections and abscesses, cysts and tumors, discomfort, and even harm to surrounding teeth. An infection that starts in your mouth, as it is very difficult to keep impacted wisdom teeth free and clean from bacteria, can easily access the blood stream and spread through the rest of the body.

In the most severe cases, a patient may develop a potentially life-threatening condition called sepsis, although this is relatively rare. In addition, any problem that affects the integrity of your teeth has the potential to limit your capability to chew fresh fruits and vegetables, compromising your nutritional intake. Patients usually inquire about tooth extractions with our oral surgeon in Agoura Hills, as surrounding bone may need to be removed in order to access and extract the wisdom teeth.

This process requires a surgical procedure in the place of a simple extraction. Before any symptoms develop, it's typical for patients to have wisdom teeth removed as preventative measure. Additionally, it's much easier to remove these teeth in younger patients, and it is recommended that patients have them removed by the time they reach their mid-twenties. This is partly due to the fact that they recover much more quickly following the procedure. Older patients may still have their wisdom teeth removed, but they might face an increased risk of complications and lengthy recovery times.

If you have any questions about receiving a tooth extraction in Agoura Hills, please give our office a call and schedule a consultation today!

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