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What To Expect From A Tooth Extraction

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What should you expect when you're scheduled to get a tooth extraction in Agoura Hills, California?

With a tooth extraction, today's modern procedures and follow-up care as recommended by your physician are there to supply you great benefits and comfort. Your physician will numb the area to lessen any discomfort as needed. Following extraction, the dentist will advise you on what post-extraction regime to follow, in the majority of cases where a small amount of bleeding is normal. Keep away from anything that might prevent the normal healing process. It's generally best not to smoke or to rinse the mouth vigorously, and most patients are recommended to drink through a straw during the healing period. 

These harmful actions can displace the blood clot and delay healing. For the first few days, if you should rinse, rinse the mouth gently, and be sure to apply cold fabric or an ice bag to the affected area for pain or swelling. You can also ask your Agoura Hills dentist about pain medication. You can brush and floss the other teeth as usual, but do not clean the teeth directly next to the vacant socket.

Dry socket Is a condition that sometimes happens following a tooth extraction in Agoura Hills. When the socket is slow to heal, the condition may be quite debilitating. Your dentist's therapy could consist of cleaning the site and putting a dressing in the socket, which helps give relief of pain. The dentist might change the dressing until the pain diminishes and the socket starts to heal properly. Your Agoura Hills dentist may suggest an anti-inflammatory drug, like aspirin, or prescribe other pain relievers. Cigarette smoking or other tobacco use can delay healing and should be prevented. Contact your local dentist about tooth extractions in Agoura Hills, CA today if you have any questions or are experiencing severe pain in the tooth.

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