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Revive Your Smile With Dentures

MAR 30

-Getting Comfortable With Your New Dentures-

Adjusting to life with dentures  and lost teeth may be a tough transition. Tooth loss may have a huge effect on your abilities to speak and even consume foods, which may substantially influence both well-being and your self-confidence. Fortunately, there are several choices open to those that may be missing teeth when it comes to choosing a top quality replacement. Everything from dental implants and rigid bridges to complete or partial dentures can enhance a smile permanently. Replacing and restoring your missing teeth will help improve your general standard of living and return full function to the mouth. Though a life with cosmetic dentures in Agoura Hills may initially seem challenging, you'll find the transition to false teeth much more beneficial and simple than you might think.

Practice Makes Perfection

Primarily, it’s important for patients to recognize that false teeth will never quite function exactly like your natural teeth, and will take a little bit of time to become comfortable with overall. After getting new cosmetic dentures in Agoura Hills it may take some time before talking and eating begins to feel fully natural. This is quite common for most individuals. A denture adhesive will help drastically in the sensation of a risk-free fit that allows for increased support and confidence. A useful way to gain comfort is to practice specific words, and to speak or read aloud. Our dentist in Agoura Hills CA highly recommends this for significantly assisting you to become used to your new smile.

Maintaining Good Oral Health

Dentures aren’t designed to be in the mouth consistently at all times, such as when you are sleeping. They provide the most room for comfort when regularly removed for several hours every day. This provides much needed rest from contact with dentures to the tissues in our mouth, keeping gums strong and healthy.

Dentures must also be removed in order to be properly cleaned. Try to avoid severe and abrasive compounds like bleach, peroxide, baking soft drink, or some of the stronger brands of toothpaste. Instead, clean your dentures regularly with a soft bristled brush, using soft dish soap and water. Consistently manage your dentures and be sure to store them someplace safe when not being used. This can greatly prevent loss or unintentional damage.

The Dentist Always Knows Best

Even after receiving your dentures, becoming comfortable with the outcome, and practicing routine habits of cleanliness, it is still very important to schedule regular visits to your dentist in Agoura Hills. It's recommended that you get the entirety of your mouth analyzed no less than once annually to have your gingiva professionally cleaned. Your cheeks, tongue, gingiva and bone all need to be assessed frequently to maintain a high standard of oral health. Moreover, the custom alignment of the dentures might gradually change with time. Just another reason why it is always important not to disregard your dentist in Agoura Hills after completing any treatment.

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